We are a full service communications company, we Rent, Sale, Install and Service Motorola Two Way Radios & Black Box Walkie-Talkies, Williams Sound & Listen Interpretation Equipment, WiFi & MiFi Internet Access, Wireless Intercom Systems and Audio Accessories.



"Guiding You To Communicate"

Rentals can be configured by the day, week or month for your special events and projects. Rentals are a great communications option for business or groups who have special events or work loads. Increased security, plan production, conference meetings, regrouping or other immediate needs can be met through the use of communications equipment and systems.

  • Film & Commercial
  • Houses of Worship
  • Festivals
  • Sporting Events
  • Live Events
  • Traffic Control
  • Street Fairs
  • Business
  • Conventions
  • Security

Short Term and Long Term Rates are available at Lighthouse Communications because we understand that short-term communications needs can vary greatly. Every situation is unique, so we've structured our Wireless Communications Rental Program to be flexible as your needs are. You can rent quality Two-Way Portable Radios, Interpretation Equipment, Wireless Intercom Systems, Audio Accessories and WiFi/MiFi Internet Access by the day, week, month or year. You'll find our rates to be very competitive. We promise you will be completely satisfied.